Thursday, December 24, 2009

End of Sem 6!

Alhamdulillah, semalam hari terakhir untuk semester 6, setelah berhempas pulas menyiapkan labwork.Walaupun, lab(dan juga uni lengang ja semalam sebab Christmas Eve), adalah juga 2-3 orang yang masih bekerja di lab. Oh ye, terima kasih tak terhingga juga kepada labmate, Ata* atas pertolongan yg diberikan. Juga terima kasih atas perkongsian cerita tentang Jordan dan orang-orang Jordan..
-I went to lab early today ~9.15 am. After buying some things I needed at Priceline, I went back to uni.
- Stop the assay reaction for 6 mice brains ~11.20 am. While waiting for the other 3 brains, I started to mount the tissue sections(Multi tasker!:) )
-Amidst my attention and concentration on mounting the sections, Ata came in. He said he would help me to mount the brain later in the afternoon(Dalam hati: Alhamdulillah!Ada orang nak tolong sama-sama habiskan kerja)
- Yvette, Lidia and Laura came in and out, finishing their work as well.Of course, they need to get back early for Christmas Eve. Thanks Lidia for the chocolate, see you next year!I hope I can meet you again when you are doing your honours~
-After 2-ish, it's just me and Ata in the lab. Oh yes, Yvette stopped by sometimes to say hello and asked about our work progress
-Now, me and Ata in the lab mounting the brain sections. We had a chat while finishing the experiments.
Ata: How many siblings do you have?
Me: Erm, (I started to tell him about my family)
Ata: Oh, so you are the eldest in your family(with your mum)?
Me: Yes, but I'm the 6th out of seven
Ata: Oh, is your relationship with the others(refering to my other siblings) ok?
Me: Oh yes, we are all good. We meet each other every year esp during Eid. Huhu, I know my story sounds a bit complicated, but we're all fine and happy
Ata: That happens.(He started to tell stories about his brother, his friends, his wife and kids & also about Islam)

Thanks Ata for sharing your thoughts about Syiah,Muktazilah, Khawarij, and some other issues(Oh, by the way,he's a Sunni). He also explained to me about places in Jordan

Ata: How long is your course?
Me: Well, i have another 3 years to go,this is my 3rd year
Ata: So do you plan to work here?
Me: I'm not sure. Still a long way to go.(Smile)

Then, he asked me about my studies and how I end up being in Melbourne. I also mentioned to him that I know some Malaysians who went to Jordan to further their studies.

Ata:You know a lot about Jordan Uni's.
Me:Huhu, I just like to get to know about people and places(Jom cakna!:) )
Ata: Why don't you go to Uni in Gulf country?(He was refering to Jordan and other country like Egypt)
Me:Well, I did have that intention after my exam,like the VCE. But, things doesn't always goes well as what we planned.(I explained to him about the education system in Malaysia in brief)
Ata:(While discussing about Muslims in Malaysia, particularly about the Malays).How's Muslims in Malaysia?
Me: It's just the same as in other countries. Many are muslims, but not all of them are practising Islam.
Ata: Yes, it's so sad to see such things. People wearing hijab, but they dont act/have manners as such a Muslim.

Then, he told me stories about his wife,who wears hijab after their marriage, how they get married, their obstacles and also about his family and in-laws.Then;

Ata: How's marriage in Malaysia?Is it the same?
Me:Erm.(Ok, now, I'm not good at this topic. I don't have enough knowledge especially when it comes to culture and custom) Well, er, the man has to pay the dowry(Haih, what am I talking?Bukan ke dalam Islam memang wajib bayar duit mahar tu)
Ata: (With frowning face)
Me: Erm, the Mahar
Ata: Oh, yes, Mahar. Does the bridegroom has to pay for everything, you know, like the reception or walimah?
Me: Erm..(Dah start blur2, aduh, nggak tau sangat pasal benda2 ni.Tau pun sikit2 je).Erm, it depend on the families.(Then, I tried to explain about hantaran and stuff.Aduh, it is so difficult to explain about our culture to non-Malay)
Ata: Oh, in Jordan, the man have to pay for everything. We have some kind of contract before the akad nikah. Like me, for instance, it is stated in the contract that I need to buy furniture for my wife. But, when we move to Australia, we have to leave all that in Jordan and my wife keep asking me about that.Huhu..
Me: Oh
And we discussed about marriage + culture in Jordan and Malaysia. He told me stories about some of his friends who reverted to Islam, etc..
Huh, what a day! I worked in the lab from 11am till ~5-ish non stop! I did not even have a sip of water. But, it's a great opportunity to get to know other people and their their side of story about life.

Again, thanks to all my labmates!And thank you for the End-of-Year Lunch at Il Vicollo last week(An experience I won't forget)!

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah!

Ok, now, a week of holiday before I 'resume my seat' in the lab.


*is a final year phD student. A Palestinian who lives in Jordan, continuing his studies here.

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